. Kansa .

{ healing metal }

85% copper + 15% tin 


Kansa has been used for generations for its anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties.

It promotes healthy red blood cell development, prevents gastric ailments, diabetes and skin disorders.

It regulates thyroid gland functioning and strengthen bones.

. brass .

copper + zinc


Ancient Indian wisdom that drinking water should be stored in brass vessels for good health has now been proved scientifically by researchers.

Water stored in brass containers can help combat many water-borne diseases. Bacteria are less likely to thrive in brass water pots than in earthenware or plastic.

The amount of live e-coli in the brass vessels drop dramatically over time, and after 48 hours they fall to undetectable levels.


. copper .

‘ tamra jal ’

holy water of immortality

{ water stored in copper vessels }



Copper utensils are known to balance acidity, normalize digestion and assists the immune system.

It flushes out toxins, prevent asthma, purifies blood and promotes healthy skin.